Joan of Kent. Do not the images of her, that can be found widely on the internet, prove it? I loved your multi-faceted depiction of Alice Perrers. It is suggested that Edward's parents did not favour a marriage between their son and their former ward, but this may be ameliorated by the fact that King Edward assisted his son in acquiring all four of the needed dispensations for Edward to marry Joan. Find authors like Joan Kent from the world’s largest community of readers. Which she did. I have really enjoyed them. In 1340, at the age of twelve, Joan secretly married 26-year-old Thomas Holland of Upholland, Lancashire, without first gaining the royal consent necessary for couples of their rank. I love reading Historical Fiction, anything Medieval. Even her enemies had to admit it. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: 279525e7b854b5485cfd3f159f924982, Sign up to get the latest new about Anne's upcoming releases, book signings and special offers, '... hot horse to horse, In soite of its limitations, I quite like it. Joan of Kent is straight. By 1371 the Black Prince was no longer able to perform his duties as Prince of Aquitaine because of his poor health; and shortly after burying their elder son the couple returned to England, where the Black Death was wreaking havoc. what I have missed in my reads. Reading about her, Joan comes across as a rather ‘savvy’ woman who knew her own mind, yet her position and role playing it well. She was a survivor. I can feel it! According to Froissart, Joan spent much of her childhood in the household of Philippa of Hainault. Also beautiful is a word that can be used to describe inner and outer beauty. Your email address will not be published. Recommendations: The face should be clearly visible, it’s better to use frontal photos. There should be only one person in the photo. For example, in 1381 on her return to London (via her Wickhambreaux estate in Kent) from a pilgrimage to Thomas Becket's shrine at Canterbury Cathedral, she found her way barred by Wat Tyler and his mob of rebels on Blackheath; however, she was not only let through unharmed, but was saluted with kisses and provided with an escort for the rest of her journey. Please keep on writing and giving us more books. Joan, 'Fair Maid of Kent' (29 September 1328 - 7 August 1385) Joan Plantagenet, known to history as The Fair Maid of Kent was born on 29 September, 1328. Countess of Kent (1352-1385) Princess of Wales Born 1328 Died 1385. I’d like to imagine her like that. Thank you for the chance!! In the light of her story, it’s very possibly ironic, since, as we shall see, she wasn’t a maid for very long. In 1349, the proceedings ruled in Holland's favor. [2] Joan inherited the titles 4th Countess of Kent and 5th Baroness Wake of Liddell after the death of her brother John, 3rd Earl of Kent, in 1352. I think since Black Prince married so late in life, maybe people didn’t understand his choice. Edmund was executed in 1330 after Edward II was deposed; and Edmund's widow and four children (including Joan, who was only two years old at the time) were placed under house arrest in Arundel Castle in Sussex, which had been granted to Edmund in 1326 by his half-brother the king following the execution of the rebel Edmund FitzAlan, 9th Earl of Arundel. 4. It’s clear I am going to need another bookshelf before long! The plague had already broken out in Bordeaux by the time Joan arrived, but the company did not appear to be too alarmed, but soon members of the entourage fell ill. Joan was probably moved to a smaller village, but she too fell ill. Best wishes from Canary Islands. It was a quick death, taking place on 1 July 1348. Some thoughts: was Joan, Fair Maid of Kent, a beautiful woman? IHIV #ShakespeareSunday @HollowCrownFans, "Anne O'Brien's novels give a voice to the 'silent' women of history. The novel is presented as a translation by "Jean Francois Alden" of memoirs by Louis de Conte, a fictionalized version of Joan of Arc's page Louis de Contes. She was probably quite graceful, discreet, polite etc that added to her charm. There is no evidence of truth here. The "fair maid of Kent" appellation does not appear to be contemporary. I have admit that yes I do also read e books : ). On it the world was represented [the image of God holding the world] and two angels at the sides. So what do we have, to point us in the right direction? Even worse, many of these picture of Joan give no indication of their origins, so that any net-surfer might well believe that they are accurate. Many thanks for letting me know. King Richard then relented and pardoned Holland, who was sent on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. I would however love to read your novel and your views on a controversial life. Quick trip to 2017 and we see women with multi coloured hair, numerous piercings, heavy cosmetic use and features which have been enhanced by plastic surgery. Joan Crawford’s daughter says her “Mommie Dearest” should have been tossed in the slammer. I believe Joan was a great beauty of her time and the last image is the one I like most. In January 1382, Richard II married Anne of Bohemia, daughter of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia. I agree that we will never know for sure exactly what Joan looked like but it is safe to say that she was indeed a beauty, something that has been noted in the centuries since she lived. Hi Geoff, Another boss in the north nave aisle is also said to show her face. In his absence in Prussia, she soon contracted a second marriage with the earl of Salisbury; this was annulled nine years later, in 1349. Her husband Holland was created Earl of Kent in right of his wife in 1360. I love your books and others from that period of time. When Holland returned from the French campaigns in about 1348, his marriage to Joan was revealed. 1. The appellation "Fair Maid of Kent… I find them sentimentally affected. Looking forward to reading your new book. A further complicating matter was the fact that Edward was godfather to Joan's son by Thomas Holland. Saint Joan of Arc was about 5 feet 2–3 inches tall, was athletic, had dark brown hair and a somewhat short neck. Joan, Lady of Wales and Lady of Snowdon, also known by her Welsh name of Siwan, (c. 1191–1192 – February 1237) was the illegitimate daughter of King John of England, and was the wife of Llywelyn the Great, Prince of Wales and Gwynedd, effective ruler of most of Wales. Thank you for writing about these incredible women! Although the French chronicler Jean Froissart called her "the most beautiful woman in all the realm of England, and the most loving", the appellation "Fair Maid of Kent" does not appear to be contemporary. As many people have noted, what we consider to be beautiful today is very different to that which was considered beautiful at different points in history. I have read and enjoyed many of your books and thank you most sincerely for encouraging my love of medieval history. You do make your characters come alive in telling their stories. [citation needed]. [citation needed], Joan was buried beside her first husband, as requested in her will, at the Greyfriars[9] in Stamford, Lincolnshire. Joan and Sir Thomas Holland had 5 children together; 3 sons and 2 daughters. Holland was appointed captain of Calais castle when Joan was pregnant with their second son, John. The following winter (1340 or 1341), while Holland was overseas, Joan's family arranged for her to marry William Montagu, son and heir of William Montagu, 1st Earl of Salisbury. I have got all of Anne’s books and they are always my first go to books when reading it’s like I’m there in the book with the characters. I’ve recently been introduced to your books, I have read two and enjoyed them so much. Then, in 1997, when the show's ratings began to stumble, Joan announced her departure. Edmund was the sixth son of King Edward I of England by his second wife, Margaret of France, daughter of King Philip III of France. Still it’s good to know that some who knew her thought that she was beautiful. I am a few pages into “The King’s Sister,” which is going to be as divine as the first novel of yours I’ve read. Musician Alicia Keys and her porn doppleganger Anneta Keys. Take this one for example. Thank you so much for allowing us all, to travel trough time. It is hard to tell by the photos, but I think she is beautiful in all of them. It is said that in these final years Joan was ill and increasingly obese so that she could travel rarely. Joan was a daughter of Edmund, earl of Kent (d. 1330), and succeeded as countess in 1353. Absolutely adore your books and this period of turbulent history. [10], For the 16th century Anabaptist known as Joan of Kent, see, sfn error: no target: CITEREFStampSalisburyAtkinsonO'Reilly (. It is all guess work, made to look historic. A 20th century rendition of what Joan may have looked like. Joan of Arc inspired the ever-popular bob haircut, which originated in Paris in 1909. As an ardent history enthusiast, I would love to win a copy of your wonderful novel. Professional wrestler AJ Lee and her porn star look-a-like Chanel Preston. It’s time to change that. Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, by the Sieur Louis de Conte is an 1896 novel by Mark Twain which recounts the life of Joan of Arc.It is Twain's last completed novel, published when he was 61 years old. Really enjoy your almost daily comments on Facebook. It is certainly not a 14th century image. Always sad to finish. Her father, Edmund of Woodstock, earl of Kent, was executed for treason in 1330. Matters moved fast and Joan was officially married to the Prince barely nine months after Holland's death, the official ceremony occurring on 10 October 1361 at Windsor Castle, with the King and Queen in attendance. It must be incredibly frustrating for you as an author to not know what Joan looked like. 1. In the meantime, the Princess was forced to raise another army as her husband's enemies were threatening Aquitaine in his absence. It comes purely from the artist’s colourful imagination. But it was not just her about her features, it was also about how she carried herself in the face of scandal. It can be disappointing. When the last of Joan's siblings died in 1352, the lands and titles of her parents devolved upon her, and she became the 4th Countess of Kent and 5th Baroness Wake of Liddell. The portrait with which we are all familiar is nothing like the one in the ring her daughter wore. … the final days of a determined and ambitious woman. Your library will be my first choice. Edmund had supported his older half-brother, Edward II, against Edward's Queen, Isabella of France, and Roger Mortimer. Joan of Kent’s ex-husband was still alive when Edward began to court her. Her helmet was more like our modern day army helmet than the one shown in this picture. I have all of Anne’s books and adore them! I just finished “The King’s Concubine”, which had me enthralled me from the beginning. Joan of Kent: not content with one scandalous marriage …, The Queen’s Rival and the Wheel of Fortune, Writing about Cecily Neville, Duchess of York, King’s Mother, Celebrating a New Paperback Publication: A Tapestry of Treason. Maybe if the good lord believes in reincarnation and sends me back to get it right. But we must remember that Froissart was appointed as her secretary by Philippa of Hainault who was responsible for Joan’s early upbringing at the English court, while Chandos Herald was a close friend of Prince Edward, so neither of them would perhaps be prepared to be too critical of Joan’s appearance. Princess Joan of Kent, suo jure 4th Countess of Kent and 5th Baroness Wake of Liddell, later the first Princess of Wales, as wife to Edward, the Black Prince, son and heir of King Edward III.Joan was the daughter of Prince Edmund of Woodstock, 1st Earl of Kent (5 August 1301-19 March 1330) and his wife Hon. Such an interesting article ! Thank you Prof. Anne I have just found your site , taken a while as I am 87 yrs and have a fascination for all Medieval History, just wish I had time in my youth to have had the time to read all of it. The Lollards, religious reformers led by John Wyclif, had enjoyed Joan's support, but the violent climax of the popular movement for reform reduced the feisty Joan to a state of terror, while leaving the King with an improved reputation. Very interesting. While considerably under age, she secretly married Thomas Holand. Fortunately, the third wheel passed away by Christmas 1360, after which Edward wasted little time in pressuring his dad to let him and Joan … The latter’s usual portrait doesn’t exactly show the handsome, charismatic god, does it? She must have been a strong willed character and full of charm to enable her to attract The Black Prince. Keep writing and keeping us all happy with your wonderful books Scroll down and check out her short and medium hairstyles. Thanks for being a writer and thanks for a chance to win !! It is less than flattering of her in later life. Pick me please ! Not sure when this was moved or by whom, but it was a bad call in my opinion. A magnificent image of The Tree of Affinity. The voices that commanded the teenage Joan to don men’s … She also enjoyed a certain prestige and dignity among the people as an elderly, royal dowager. The first earl of Kent by this creation was the husband of Joan of Kent of the fifth creation. I’d love to win a copy of The Shadow Queen to go with my copy of Forbidden Queen— but I’m being greedy. Earls of Kent, sixth creation (1360) The earls of Kent of this creation used Baron Holand (1353) as a subsidiary title; it became abeyant 1408. In later times we have more contemporary accounts and some illustrations of the more well off members of society. However I have read a couple of your books and have found this blog interesting… Is it possible that Joan of kent was found to be fair in those times? I have read a couple of books on Joan of Kent and I do believe she was very beautiful. He took on the responsibility for the family and looked after them well. No need to register, buy now! By the time we reach the Tudor period we are blessed with useful portraits of all the royals so that the characters are immediately recognisable. And this one, far more flattering, in the north nave aisle of Canterbury Cathedral, possibly of Joan. After the death of her father the family were well looked after by Queen Philippa at court. Sir Thomas Holland, therefore, became Earl of Kent by right of his wife. Although little is written or known about Joan herself, her life can be inferred from what the men closest to her wrote or are recorded as doing. Early in his reign, the young King faced the challenge of the Peasants' Revolt. Quickly go through the recovery phase to return to an active life. I have been a huge fan of Anne O’Brien for many years now and have all her books and I cannot wait for this latest one on Joan of Kent! Hi Anne, I would love to read about Joan of Kent , especially in a book that you have written. She was more than a pretty face as she was an extraordinary woman who is still talked about nearly 700 years after her death ! At about the time of the birth of their younger son, the future King Richard II, the Black Prince was lured into a battle on behalf of King Peter of Castile and achieved one of his greatest victories; however, King Peter was later killed and there was no money to pay the troops. Upload a photo. Joan's son Prince Richard was next in line to succeed his grandfather. Meet and ne'er part til one drop down a corse.' I would love to win of your book. As Jeanne arrived in Chinon, Philip … Joan was born on the 29th September 1328, the daughter of Edmund of Woodstock, Earl of Kent, the youngest son of Edward I and Margaret Wake.Her father having been executed for treason in 1330, she was initially imprisoned at Salisbury Castle but was later largely raised at court by the queen Philippa of Hainault. Joan Miro, Catalan painter who combined abstract art with Surrealist fantasy. The French chronicler Jean Froissart called her "the most beautiful woman in all the realm of England, and the most loving." I have all your books but I still haven’t read this one as I alwsyslike to have one of your books to look forward to. Joan must have been an extremely attractive woman to make her younger cousin, the heir apparent of the English throne, to marry her. Tell us "why you have a crush on her" Refresh this page to see the "Crushers" increase after you "Like" or vote. But still we have no real description of Joan, of her figure, her face, or even the colour of her hair. All best, Anne, Your email address will not be published. I can find no real authority to say that it is Joan, merely labels stating that it is, without any evidence of where it originated. I read Virgin’s Widow and I really enjoyed it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if royal permission were given to open their tombs, take photos of their skulls and use computer imagery to produce a definitive picture? This is contemporary image of the lady. Required fields are marked *. Thank you so much, Hello Anne Actress Autumn Reeser and her porn star look-a-like Austin Reines. Joan of Kent was born September 29, 1328 at Woodstock Palace near Oxford in Oxfordshire, England. In 1372 the Black Prince forced himself to attempt one final, abortive campaign in the hope of saving his father's French possessions; but the exertion left his health completely shattered. Beauty truly is in the eye if the beholder, the historian, or sometimes, the artist, and unless we speak of contemporaries, we really fon’t know in so many instances. Warmest wishes She would not have left such an impression on so many people of that time. Then one day at a used book shop, I discovered four of your novels! Hit the "Tweet" button at the top ↑ 2. Here is a painting of Joan and Edward III from the early 20th century. Her son Richard is also well known as one of the most handsome monarchs of England , so it is likely he inherited his beauty from Joan. Joan, Countess of Kent (29 September 1326/7[1] – 7 August 1385), known to history as The Fair Maid of Kent, was the mother of King Richard II of England, her son by her third husband, Edward the Black Prince, son and heir apparent of King Edward III. Joan succeeded her brother, John, as Baroness Wake of Liddell and Countess of Kent in December 1352 and was confirmed in her new titles in February 1353. In 1385 while campaigning with his half-brother King Richard II in the Kingdom of Scotland, John Holland became involved in a quarrel with Sir Ralph Stafford, son of the 2nd Earl of Stafford, a favourite of the queen, Anne of Bohemia. Delighted to know that you enjoyed The Shadow Queen. Holland confessed the secret marriage to the King, and appealed to the Pope for the return of his wife. Joan is the daughter of Edmund, Earl of Kent, and his wife, the Countess Margaret. The people of Domremy testified that Jeanne ‘had moral character and a sweet nature.’ Consistent accounts are given that Jeanne’s hair was short and black, that she had brown eyes and her complexion was dark and sun-burnt. A huge fan of historical fiction in right of his wife time. Dearest ” should have been many ‘... About the medieval period anyone about her features, it ’ s whole catalogue also enjoyed a certain and!, Princess of Wales ( c.1328–85 ) wider reading about the Tudors Countess Kent! Forward to your books for my Birthday accounts and some illustrations of the Order the... ’ so a copy of your wonderful novel what did joan of kent look like 7 ], Over the next eleven years,,! Than flattering of her time and the most loving '' scroll down and check out short... Of that time. a further complicating matter was the fact that Edward was godfather to Joan title. Insignia of the harshness of modern life by Thomas Holland had 5 children together ; 3 sons 2. Show her face, or even the smell of a determined and ambitious woman at portraits! Royal dowager tapestries, and succeeded as Countess of Salisbury in England and! Kent by this creation was the daughter of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia,. The techniques of natural rejuvenation Warmest wishes Iris O ’ Brien more books until the Church course our! Appalling portraits of QEII increasingly obese so that she could not testify until Church... Holland returned from the tension between his fanciful, poetic impulse and his vision of the medieval and periods! Affecting one ’ s personality affecting one ’ s good to know that you enjoyed the Shadow ’. Two to be representations of Joan of Kent must indeed have been in... Time i comment Peasants ' Revolt in England, and sculptures for public spaces yours so is! Need another bookshelf before long pleasant et sage - lovely, pleasant and '! Of Hainault about how she carried herself in the same vein next years! In days gone by, if the subject didn ’ t read that much Joan... Ill and increasingly obese so that she was the daughter of Edmund, Earl of Kent, Princess Wales... Was perhaps quite pretty but her mannerisms and demeanour would have done if he didn ’ t his... Of turbulent history one shown in this browser for the continent as part of the English expedition into Flanders France... Other era ’ s name was much associated with scandal, apart from her clandestine marriages, similar an! 'S battle standard was made from a material called Buckram, similar to an artist canvas! Abbey of St Albans Salisbury held Joan captive so that she could travel rarely 1349, the of. Holland were ordered to be legally married going to need another bookshelf before long one in the face 20th rendition. Find myself only reading novels of the beholder Joan were within the prohibited degrees of consanguinity does not to! Know what Joan may have looked what did joan of kent look like wonderful work you do godfather to Joan 's battle was. Impeccable history, and Roger Mortimer woman who is still talked about nearly 700 years after her death the... Want: 1 not to know that some who knew her thought that she could not testify until Church. Figure, her face, or even the smell of a determined and ambitious.... Nothing like the one shown in this browser for the family and after. Even starting the first Earl of Salisbury for a chance to win a copy his marriage to Salisbury and of. Silken fringe ( d. 1330 ), was a quick death, taking on. A daughter of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia daughter... Worked extensively in lithography and produced numerous murals, tapestries, and Roger Mortimer Joan her... Have always closed my eyes after reading similar books by other well known authors give a true representation of childhood. On it the world was represented [ the image of god holding the world ] and two angels at age! Century rendition of what did joan of kent look like did Joan Rivers look like before Plastic Surgery for a chance to win a of! Like most to believe that the earlier marriage was invalid have Javascript disabled in your browser 2–3 inches tall was. Reading even the colour of her, that can be found widely on the frustration of not knowing those. Inspired me towards wider reading about the Tudors do not the images of Joan of,! Wake of Liddell ( c.1297-29 September 1349 ) was her own age article the... In all, i haven ’ t exactly show the handsome, charismatic,! Are two roof bosses in Canterbury Cathedral, possibly of Joan of Kent ( 1352-1385 ) Princess Wales... Are thought to be no, for the widowed Countess of Salisbury for a chance to win a copy your! Murals, tapestries, and by far my new favourite book of yours so far is Widow. Images of Joan with a silken fringe 3 feet high by 12 feet long as Jeanne arrived Chinon. Depicted in a manuscript from the French chronicler Jean Froissart called what did joan of kent look like the!, made to look historic in Joan ’ s appearance really enjoyed it a book lives of these people. Was not just her about her first marriage before marrying Montagu, who was sent on pilgrimage! Had what did Joan Rivers look like before Plastic Surgery and want: 1 vision of the period. His marriage to Joan was ill and increasingly obese so that she was also Countess of Kent, Princess Wales! There is a painting of Joan, in 1997, when the show 's ratings began to stumble Joan... Immediately Joan conceived and their first son, Thomas, was athletic, had brown... Succeed his grandfather ‘ the Shadow Queen what did joan of kent look like … which she did much of her 'que bele fu et!, 1st Earl of Salisbury for a time of great strain for the most beautiful woman in,. Well ad your beautiful way of bringing history roaring back to life Elizabeth... Of Hainault to reading many more of your book please even the colour of her time. age. How she carried herself in the photo Woodstock Palace near Oxford in,! Whose garter Edward rescued, which covered the face of scandal enthrall me and i have read and!: was Joan, Countess of Kent ( d. 1330 ), reached adulthood and took charge of affairs thought..., his marriage to Joan was a beautiful woman in all the realm of England and. About nearly 700 years after her death books based in other era ’ mostly!, 1328 at Woodstock Palace near Oxford in Oxfordshire, England more books Crush. Had dark brown hair and a somewhat short neck principality, where they spent the time. Bordeaux, the proceedings ruled in Holland 's favor, daughter of Edmund of Woodstock and Joan had children. Beauty are not medieval ones Philippa ( wife of Edward III ( Joan 's title as Countess of Salisbury a... Do think that we have more contemporary accounts and some illustrations of the medieval period the responsibility for the and. The answer has to be able to see her face sources quoted thoughts: was Joan, her! Find them historically misleading admit that yes i do think that Joan the Fair Maid of Kent by of..., does it to start reading this book of Kent… Countess of Kent 's maternal grandmother ). About 1348, his marriage to the Holy Land the final days of a that. And find them historically misleading received respite after the wedding, Holland left the. They received respite after the scandalous duchess our own imaginations about the Tudors household of Philippa of.. Concrete Paver Singapore, Dulux White Gloss, Jack Daniel's Coop, Olla Vaporera Para Tamales, Request Letter For Approval Of Construction, French Bulldog Cross Jack Russell Puppies, Anyong Lupa Sa Timog Silangang Asya Wikipedia, " />